Storage and Tips | DR DELICACY


• Product Life 1 to 2 Weeks but it is best to use your Truffles within 3 to 4 days after you receive them.

• Keep them in the refrigerator at 37.5F wrapped in paper towel, and change the paper towel every day to remove any moisture.

• You can also keep them in Rice, preferably a type of rice that cooks in its own water/juice like Arborio Rice but know that rice dehydrates the truffle.

• You can also put them in a sealed container, glass is better than plastic, with Fresh Eggs. Within a couple of days you will have the best Eggs you Ever tasted.

• To ensure Freshness we only ship Truffles via FedEx Standard Overnight.

• We can vacuum pack your Truffles if you intend to freezer them for a later use. You should only freeze Black Truffle and use them within 6 months. White Truffles are too delicate and will lose their flavor and texture when frozen.

• DR DELICACY imports directly to Houston from local foragers in Spain and in Italy on an at least weekly basis. The Country of Origin of the Truffle depends on Availability and Prices. The Truffles are packed and transported from the origin all the way to Houston in refrigerated containers. At DR DELICACY, We know the origin of our Truffles and we know when they have been harvested for Us!


• 1oz of Truffle serves 3 to 4 guests and that would be considered a generous portion. A 1oz Truffle, which an average weight, can be sliced into 20 to 25 slices.

• Truffles are best if never really cooked. When cooked you will release the juices and soften the truffle. For maximum flavor and texture, cut truffles in thin slices or in thicker matchsticks and add them to warm food at the last moment.

• Truffles have a strong perfume, so they go best with neutral food. Like sliced on fresh pasta before serving, on toast with butter and salt or store them with fresh eggs for several days to and make the best scrambled eggs or omelet ever!