How To Use Summer Truffles, A Luxurious Value

  How To Use Summer Truffles, A Luxurious Value Courtesy of Phaedra Cook Black summer truffles have arrived, and there’s nothing better to add delicate, earthy flavor to the bounty of the season. These are not only prized for their delicate aroma and flavor, but also for being a great value—especially when compared with the […]

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How to Store Fresh Truffles

For most of the year, the black truffle is a plain Jane, hidden beneath the ground and undistinguished in taste or aroma. When the days shorten in autumn and the nights become cool, the spores of black truffles mature and must be freed from the earth. It is at this time that the fragrance and […]

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Top Black Truffle Wine Pairings

Black truffles are among the world’s rarest and most delectable of foods. Added to numerous dishes such as elk, beef, or poultry roasts or stews, black truffles add an earthy, nutty, piquant taste to any meal. The flavor of fine cheese is also enhanced and made more enjoyable when it is served with thin shavings […]

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Truffle Lady

  The excitement of my work is the constant global hunt for the best sources of unique and spectacular food items. I work directly with growers and purveyors on four continents and take a special pride in delivering to a chef’s kitchen a selection of perfect truffles that were in the ground halfway across the […]

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