The truffle is among the world’s most mysterious foods along with caviar and foie fras. Our black diamond truffles are also known as black winter truffles or Tuber melanosporum. They are produced in Spain and imported directly to DR DELICACY in Houston, Texas. Our black diamond truffles from Spain are as high a quality as you can find in the main regions of southwestern France and Italy.

Our fresh black truffles are increasingly rare and exotic. The scent is complex and rich yet subtle and similar to freshly turned soil. When consumed, the taste is a unique earthy hazelnut flavor with a touch of bitterness.

The truffle is made of up to 73% of water, losing 5% of its weight each day in evaporation. It is commonly considered a mushroom, but it is more precisely a fungus closely related to mushrooms. They are parasites that grow near the roots of the trees, 4 to 12 inches underground in stony, porous limestone- rich soil. Read more details about our fresh black truffles.



This white truffle is the most precious of all white truffles. It comes from the heart of the truffle valley in Marche, which is part of central Italy. The Precious White Truffle is also known as Tuber Magnatum Pico. The truffle has pink tones and grows near Linden trees. However, it is normal to see white truffles with dark or black tones and spots on the outer skin as this is caused by minerals in the iron-rich soil.

The Precious White Truffles with hazel and brown tones on the inside are found near the Great Oak Tree. The truffles that are light and whitish inside are found along river banks and near willow trees.

You can always be sure the white truffle is fresh by the feel and smell. Fresh truffles are solid and their smell is slightly similar to garlic, strong and pleasing.



Diane Roederer is a savvy businesswoman with an impressive track record in a range of diverse industries. Born and raised in Strasbourg, France, Diane currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Houston-based DR DELICACY, LLC, which she founded in 2014 to import and distribute fresh truffles from Spain and Italy. The company today ranks as Houston’s premier truffle company, selling its products online and in specialty stores and slated to expand into additional Texas markets. Diane’s career in the food industry is rooted in a 2013 truffle hunt in Spain. There, her life as an avid outdoorsperson and hunter sparked a new passion.

Diane Roederer CEO

Diane’s world travels and work history give her a unique business perspective. After traveling the world with her family as a young girl, she made the most of her college years by interning with supermarket giant SASM Societe Alsacienne de Supermarches, French insurance company AGF Assurances Generales de France and Italian truffle exporter Urbani Tartuffi. After graduating with a degree in international business and marketing, Diane partnered with a firm in 1991 as an international marketing consultant. While accompanying her father on a hunt at Indianhead Ranch in Del Rio, Texas, Diane was offered a position overseeing business and marketing operations for Indianhead Ranch. She most recently served as the ranch’s Vice President, helping it grow in just two decades to one of the top three exotic game ranches in the nation. In 2009, Diane founded Indianhead Expeditions to expand hunting destinations for Indianhead Ranch patrons and continues to serve as the company’s President. She is an honorary member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International and Chairman of the Safari Club International Foundation Marketing Committee.